Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate, Construction and Finance Jobs

There has been a very positive impact on the Real Estate Industry since the implementation of RERA (Real-estate Regulation Act) creating large opportunities for professionals like Civil engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Marketing professionals, CA etc. Since the customers are educated and demanding, we require more ready professionals to handle them. The industry now demands professionals who have in-depth knowledge of RERA & also has opened up new job roles such as RERA Consultants, Quality managers, RERA compliance officers, RERA Audit officers etc.

With more and more competition and new real estate products and services are coming in the market, the industry requires more professional environment.

The current economic situation will create havoc in the job market. Lots of professionals will lose business and jobs.


With these trying times in the real estate industry, the only way left to grow in the current market situation is to upgrade your skillset & prepare yourselves for the more significant challenges. These challenges are addressed by our expert trainers by adding relevant skillsets to the scope of the modules. These new skillsets can be acquired by enrolling into various real estate certificate course.

New Skill Requirement: Real Estate, Construction and related finance industry is going though lots of changes. Job seekers and professionals need new skills for new jobs requirement and better growth. IREF online and distance learning Construction management courses and Real Estate management courses are upgraded to the new age requirement of privet company’s. Our courses Construction management courses and Real Estate management courses are better equipped now to handed new challenges of current business environment.